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Pre-Hip Hop History, synonyms and antonyms activity

Have your students practice identifying synonyms and antonyms using song lyrics as a reading passage while they explore the real-life story of Bill who witnessed how community groups and gangs in the Bronx influenced the birth of Hip Hop and rap music.

Eras of Rap, making inferences activity

Have your students practice sequence events and timeline skills using song lyrics as a reading passage while they learn about four eras of rap music and the legendary artists who shaped them!

Main Idea Detective rap song with reading activity

Get the full Main Idea Detective rap song with the reading activity in our freebie library, and let Detective “Pic” take you and your students on a fun main idea and details case to solve a mystery!

Faith-based Black history play

This play, titled Believers, follows a church youth group, its theater director, and youth pastor as they put on a production that explores the biblical beliefs that motivated several Black history heroes to overcome adversity and achieve success. This play is great for any youth group to perform for a church service during Black History Month. You can even use it for special events and programs to give your youth a fun, educational, and powerful experience to share with others.

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