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Are you an ELA teacher who wants to:

Get high student engagement using rap song lyrics as reading passages

Keep your lessons exciting with Hip Hop and rap music

Close the cultural gap with relevant themes and texts?

hip hop languages arts academy

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Hey, I’m Ken, the creator of Rap Opera for Kids. We’ve provided teachers with high-quality, Hip Hop culture and rap music based, language arts activities for almost a decade with

over 1,000 highly satisfied educators!

Teacher4lyfe “Highly versatile and comprehensive resource! Engaging lessons, activities, and assessments adaptable for any teaching environment. Clear instructions and creative content cater to diverse learners. Seller’s ongoing support is exceptionalA must-have for educators looking to elevate their classroom instruction.

Amy C. “I really enjoyed using this resourceKids were really engaged with the raps. I used it as an opportunity to collaborate with the homeroom teacher to meet both music and language expectations.

Brandi F. “Great for my tough class that relates to music!”

hip hop languages arts

You can learn all of our strategies and methods for integrating Hip Hop and rap music into language arts activities to:

  • incorporate your students interests
  • address your specific content needs
  • and integrate local standards and topics!

Click here to combine Hip Hop and rap with ELA!

I’ve worked with English learners (ELL/ESL) and urban youth for over a decade, and the strategies and methods I used to help my students achieve success are based on researched and proven activities that are great for all students!

So how did I end up on this path of using Hip Hop and rap music as language arts activities? It’s because of what one of my students said to me in class.

“I didn’t learn anything. I just liked the beat.”

I used to play lots of popular educational rap songs for my students. But when one of my students made the comment above after listening to a song, I stopped. At that moment, I realized that there was a disconnect between the songs and the actual skill-based practice my students were doing.

They liked the cool music and slick visuals, but there was no direct relationship to the activities that followed. They needed engagement AND strong, focused language instruction. That’s why the Rap Opera for Kids’ mission statement is,

“When the music stops, the learning doesn’t!

hip hop reading comprehension worksheets

ALL students benefit from strong and engaging language instruction.

Students from lower socio-economic, special education, and inner-city backgrounds need language support to build context around the content and skills they’re learning.

They also need vocabulary scaffolds and targeted, skill-based language activities to fill in gaps in their knowledge and abilities. And all of this needs to be done with high engagement and cultural relevance as research has consistently proven.

hip hop language arts

Hip Hop started as the voice of the youth, and rap music is the most popular genre of music with youth today.

By combining proven language-learning strategies with Hip Hop and rap music, this is a guaranteed formula for student success!

Check out two preview lessons below!

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The course includes:

  • 10 detailed lessons that show you exactly how to use Hip Hop and rap song lyrics as language arts activities
  • instant access to:
    • 50+ done-for-you, language arts activities with print AND digital versions to get you started using rap songs as ELA activities
    • 5 Black history reader’s theater plays with rap musical options that are excellent for school performances
  • access to a database of clean, school-appropriate rap songs from the old-school and modern eras of rap with activity suggestions for each song
  • weekly live coaching and support for all of the included resources.

If your school has Title I or Title III grant funds, they can be used for this training as the Academy aligns with both by:

  • helping ensure fair, equitable, and high-quality education
  • closing educational achievement gaps for all students
  • improving the education of English learners by helping them learn English and meet challenging state, content, and academic achievement standards.

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